Canceling or rescheduling an appointment less than 24 hours in advance can result in a fee of 50% of the total amount of the services requested which would be added to the next appointment. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment less than 24 hours in advance, please contact us as it is possible that we can waive the fee for extenuating and unforeseen circumstances. If at the time of your appointment the vehicle is unavailable to be serviced, these terms can also apply. If we need to contact you for any reason and cannot reach you, your appointment will be subject to cancelation within 72 hours. Our preliminary pricing shown on our page, on the phone or by text is an estimate given to give an idea of how much a total project will cost. Actual pricing will be determined on site. If mobile services are scheduled during severe weather, they would need to be rescheduled. A surcharge for long distance traveling will need to be added if the detail is scheduled farther than 20 minutes from our address & however many minutes the distance is approximately would be the additional fee. We don't offer a service for the removal of decals & stickers or paint removal, paint touch-up & paint correction. We are not responsible for paint chipping. We cannot guarantee the removal of stains, odors or road paint but we will attempt our best efforts . We cannot service the scratches that are through the paint. We are not responsible for any stains that may appear on the pavement. An additional fee will need to be added for excessive or severe cleaning conditions. Our services do not include the removal of any component that would require mechanical tools to remove as it would breach our insurance policy. A cleanout fee will need to be added for the removal of excessive belongings. If the vehicle has fur or hair but has less then a moderate amount then the service will be discounted. We are not responsible for lost or damaged items. During the service, we have to move components such as seats, visors, armrests, air vents, etc and therefore we are not responsible for any damage that may occur.  All deposits are final and nonrefundable however, funds may be credited towards future services. Gift certificates are expiration free & also nonrefundable. Tell us the vehicles make, model & year to receive an accurate quote. Ask to be put on our waiting list. Name & phone number required. Rescheduled Appts due to weather conditions would have priority.​ If you would like multiple vehicles detailed the same day, contact us.